Our Story
Greetings from beautiful Stevenson, WA in the heart of the unbelievably pretty Columbia River Gorge. A place where those who take the time for an extended visit somehow never leave except to go back from whence they had come only to collect their belongings and return.

Stevenson is not an easy place to earn a living, but our small town of dedicated citizens forge ahead by working hard, sacrificing and taking risks in order to stay and enjoy the beauty of the river and gorge, the boundless activities and above all the very friendly and supportive community. 

Perhaps what has impressed us the most since our move from Portland in 2013 is  that the locals bond in a big way, and if someone needs help in any small or big way, people will come to your aid. Sometimes it's a friend, sometimes a neighbor or sometimes a complete stranger to donate time, equipment or a skill. These human qualities indelibly carved into this community, combined with the beautiful surroundings, make Stevenson a place worth going the extra distance to visit or live, the latter of which we chose.

We decided to take a chance at carving out our place in the gorge with the opening of Cascade Kitchen, a wholesale foods company. Starting with our famed Pecan Mustard Glaze with the intention of supplying grocery stores, specialty shops and farmers markets.

Keeping life simple but interesting is our goal, and we hope that our Pecan Mustard Glaze will help to make at least one dinner easy and uniquely delicious. Look under the "Recipes" tab for some great dinner, picnic and barbecue ideas. And Thanks for checking us out. 

Helen & Rob
Cascade Kitchen